Several organizations all over the world are trying to identify pedophiles by observing their behavior online and using several other ways.

The National Crime Agency has recently arrest almost 660 suspects including scout leaders, former police officers, teachers and doctors. The agency also reported that the move has protected about 400 children.

660 Suspected pedophiles arrest660 Suspected pedophiles arrested in Britained in Britain

660 Suspected pedophiles arrest660 Suspected pedophiles arrested in Britained in Britain

Those arrested reside in several places all over the country and had no previous contact with the police. 39 of the people who were arrested were already registered sex offenders. The suspects had indecent images of children facing serious sex assaults. The NCA also stressed that none of the present or former MPs or a government official were identified among the suspects.

Phil Gormley, Deputy Director General of the NCA said in a statement, “Some of the people who start by accessing indecent images online go on to abuse children directly. So the operation is not only about catching people who have already offended – it is about influencing potential offenders before they cross that line.”

He also said that the NCA also wants the sex offenders to know that the internet is not a place to access indecent images anonymously as every search and visit to a website leaves a footprint which can be easily followed to find the person and that law enforcement will keep an eye on such activity on the Web.

The investigation was conducted with the help of 45 police forces across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland and it had and unprecedented level of co-operation.

The officers involved searched almost 833 properties and 9,172 computers, phones and other digital devices.

NSPCC head of online safety Claire Lilley said that “Industry has to find inventive ways of blocking the flow of such horrendous pictures which are only produced through the suffering of defenceless children – many of who are not even old enough to go to school.”