Achieve goals at each stages of life to make it smooth and happy

Achieve goals at each stages of life to make it smooth and happy

We all know different kind of peoples, each person live their own life which is either smooth happy life or very boring life. Fact is that everyone wants to enjoy their life without any interruption but that’s not possible for all. I have few suggestions which will helpful and guide you to make your life smooth and happy.

Life is not too long and because of that you need to achieve some goals at each stage of life. If you lacking to achieve it than possibility is there to make your life little bit harder. Let’s discuss few useful suggestions at each age stage.

Age 1 to 15: Enjoy your childhood as much as you can because once you miss this stage of life than it will never come back. All the people who passed their thirty, they remember their childhood and want to go back in that stage but times never stop or rollback for anyone.

Age 15 to 18: You could enjoy this time with friends, during this time you feels lots of attraction with opposite sex. Also get few friends who involved in some bad habits like drugs, cigarettes and liquors. This age is very crucial and you need to control your mind and find a way which is correct for you. This is the time to get experience of your first kiss as well with opposite sex. You will remember your first kiss throughout your whole life.

Age 19 to 22: In this age, you need to focus on study as well start part time job which will helpful in some expenses like phones, gas, insurance and money required for spending with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Save some money and look for used car or lease a car for daily commute at work and school.

Age 23 to 25: Now, you are making some good money in full-time job. Do not spend all money behind your girlfriends/boyfriend, time to rent separate apartment and introduce your girlfriend/boyfriend to your parents. If you want than you could start to live in relationship with your partners in this age.

Age 25 to 28: it’s time to get married, either love marriage or arrange marriage depends on you and your parents. You need to forget about girlfriend/boyfriend after this stage in your life. Time to purchase your own new car, you can purchase your leased car if you did lease in past.
Age 29 to 35: Enjoy and expand your family life with at-least two babies which will complete your family. Your spouse contributes in your financial situation which will helpful to save money. If you are earning well than you could purchase your own house at this stage.

Age 36 to 40: If your children are not going to school than you are in the stage where you could be relocate if required, get a big break in your job which will give you big jump in your income. Purchase your own house and shift with your family.

Age 40 to 60: Daily routine with stable life, take care of your family and parents as well. Plan vacation every year depends on your income and enjoy with family.

Age after 60: Time for retirement, you can continue your work depends on the health. If health is not that good than take retirement and spend time with your friends and family.