Meet Ello, Facebook’s direct rivals. It’s also called anti-Facebook for various reasons including having features that are a controversy in Facebook’s policies. Ello is promised to be ad-free. Forever. The site is receiving almost 35,000 sign ups every hour since it was launched.

Ad- free social network Ello

Ad- free social network Ello

Ello lets users have any name they want to represent themselves on the network as opposed to Facebook which stresses on the use of real names. It is very simple and has lots of options to organize contacts and explore content. It looks like a combination of Tumblr and Twitter.

It lets users post photos and text and you can mention people with @ like done in Twitter and those when mentioned will show up on both profiles. The content is very sparse now and there are no decorative elements to the design as of now. It remains to be seen whether the network will consider bringing in those aspects later.

The primary promise is it will be free of ads. In a post, the founders of the network have said that they might introduce paid plans to activate more features like data exporting or profile enhancements in future which would generate revenue for them and cancel the need for ads. There is no like button as seen in Facebook.

Although Facebook was criticized for using the like button to find what the user likes in order to tailor ads, Ello is no different in the matter as it is considering adding a love button which users can use to mark content they want to read later. Ello can be signed in only when there is an invitation. Users will be allotted twenty five invites initially and anyone receiving an invite can join.

The profile page has few ways to be customized and can be viewed by anyone on the internet regardless of whether or not they have an Ello account.