What started with excitement and expectations ended up in frustration and devastation for the 33 year old Andy Turner who caught attention in the previous Commonwealth Games as he crashed out of the 110 meter hurdles yesterday.

Andy Turner upset over crashing out of 110m hurdles

Andy Turner upset over crashing out of 110m hurdles

While he struck the first and the second hurdle, he was unable to finish the race.  “I got too close to the first hurdle, hit it, and trying to come back from that is difficult. I hit the second one and that was it. I’ve no one to blame, it was my fault. I made a crucial mistake and that cost me even finishing the race”, said a devastated Turner.

“Defending my title would have been difficult, it’s a pretty tough field this time, but to not even make the final, to make such a big mistake when I haven’t been making them … I haven’t made that mistake all year and to do it here, it’s a schoolboy mistake. It’s one of [my] most devastating days on the track.”

He also said that he is thinking of going back to the Europeans and that he has been thinking of quitting sports for a while. Currently, Turner represents the Great Britain team for European Championships in Zurich. It is widely speculated that it could be his last event as he has expressed his idea of quitting sports.

Turner has been rocking the field for almost ten years now and he said he had a good time and even made good achievements during this time and now he is thinking of other things. He said that he doesn’t want to end his sports career with a failure and that’s why he is looking forward to European games – to end his career with an event in which he wins. Will Sharman and Lawrence Clark won the first and second places respectively.