Just as Apple enthusiasts are getting used to the iMac 4K screen, the company has already started offering 5K displays for the premium 27 inch iMac, pitched as an all-in-one desktop.

Apple offers 5K iMac screen

Apple offers 5K iMac screen

Dubbed as the iMac with Retina 5K display, the screen is made from oxide TFT and technology from Retina iPad to reduce pixel crosstalk is also integrated in order to make images sharper. The panel looks just as bright as the previous model, however, the highlight is that it uses less electricity by up to 30 percent.

The 5,120x 2,880 pixel display looks elegant for high resolution photos and full screen videos. Its predecessor 4K offered a screen resolution of 5,560 x 1,440 and the sudden increase in the screen resolution makes the 5K look a new gen device with sophisticated technology. While the 4K model used Nvidia GTX 775M GPU for graphics, the 5K has got the AMD R9 290X graphics. Apple has also made a sudden shift from Nvidia to AMD chips recently and these chips can also be seen on Mac Pros while the MacBook Pro with a 15 inch screen still uses the Nvidia chips.

Although iMacs have not been considered seriously for hardcore gaming, the capacity of the graphics card it comes with for video editing and encoding makes it capable to handle processor and GPU heavy tasks like CAD, design tasks, etc. it is also one of the reasons for people to choose iMac or Mac Pro desktops over others which also include discrete graphics cards.

While Nvidia has introduced the 900 series of GPUs which are more powerful than the one used in the iMac, Apple has done away with them for some undisclosed reason. People who already own a 4K iMac can upgrade their GPU to the latest one and also choose 4GB of GDDR5 memory for an additional price.