Six of the biggest Energy companies had a hard time in the first quarter of 2014, attending to customer complaints.

Since data regarding complaints for each sector is now public, the companies are naturally pressurized to maintain high quality of products and services to show themselves in good light. However, for the six largest suppliers including E.ON, British Gas, EDF Engery, Scottish Power and SSE, the pressure has increased as data regarding the number of complaints the companies have received has now been made public.

The Big Sixes need some Big Fixes

The Big Sixes need some Big Fixes

The companies received a total of 1.7 million complaints in the first quarter of 2014. In the same quarter last year the companies had received only 1.5 million complaints. Consumer watch dog Which? has published information regarding the complaints.

Looking at the individual number of complaints, 83 out of every 1,000 Npower customers have filed a complaint in the first quarter compared to 49 out of every 1,000 last year. This is the highest number of complaints compared to the others in consideration, with about 13 complaints out of every 1,000 customers of Scottish Power.

SSE, British Gas and E.ON share the same pedestal with 30 customers out of every 1,000 making a complaint. SSE’s complaints have doubled compared to what it was for the same quarter in 2013. EDF has shown some improvement as it received only 46 complaints out of every 1000 customers this year which was 77 out of 1000 last year.

All the companies have been publishing this data since October 2012 as regulator Ofgem requires them to publicize such information to have a tab on the service quality of the firms. The companies have said that difficulty in understanding the bills is the most common reason for the complaints.

Richard Lloyd, executive director at Which? said, “Yet again, millions of customers are being let down by poor service from the big six energy companies. If they want to improve the low level of consumer trust in the energy market, suppliers must up their game now, rather than wait for the results of a competition review.”