While indulgence in alcohol is not advised even for the adults, kids below 21 are increasingly binging on alcohol recently.

It is a matter of national concern as it could make an entire generation to get addicted to alcohol and it could take another generation to get awareness and another entire generation to find ways to stop the addiction.

Binge drinking on the rise among teens

Binge drinking on the rise among teens

A recent research has revealed that 1 in 10 kids in the age group of 12 to 20 drink alcohol regularly. While their parents are concerned about it, a new method has been developed to predict which kids are prone to acquire the habit.

The researchers at the University of Dublin, Ireland have put together a method which can help parents predict if their kids are likely to become binge drinkers. Lead researcher Dr. Robert Whelan, who was also a postdoctoral fellow in psychiatry at the University of Vermont previously, says that the researchers studied the brain structure which was used as a basis of the method.

“Our goal was to develop a model to better understand the relative roles of brain structure and function, personality, environmental influences and genetics in the development of adolescent abuse of alcohol,” said Whelan. “This multidimensional risk profile of genes, brain function and environmental influences can help in the prediction of binge drinking at age 16 years.”

The team experimented with several methods and zeroed in on a specific analytic method to make predictions. The team of researchers also tested their method on two separate groups of teens for several years. The method uses about 40 variables and the method was proved to be 70 percent accurate in predicting if the concerned individual will go on binge drinking at some point in their life.

The team has published the detailed study in the journal Nature.