The MH 17 tragedy set off a series of events, confusions and contradictory ideas. The US accuses Russia for the incident while Russia points fingers at Ukraine saying that they aimed at Putin’s flight and got the wrong one.

More bodies from MH 17 crash to leave Ukraine

More bodies from MH 17 crash to leave Ukraine

After a week of refusal to hand over the bodies of those who died in the crash, the rebels let the bodies to be transported to the Netherlands yesterday. Only 200 or the 298 bodies were found and the remains of the rest of the people are to be taken to the Netherlands soon.

UK experts are working on the flight data recorders that the rebels handed over a couple of days ago and the European Union is planning on the sanctions against Russia. Amidst these, the rebel leader of the Donetsk area has come out saying that they got the support of the Russian government in their fight against Kiev.

Although he admitted the fact that Russia supported the rebels, he denied being part of the Russian security services. A team of Dutch forensic scientists will start identification of the bodies today in the Netherlands. Two more flights carrying the bodies will land in the Netherlands today which will be met by a band playing the Last Post.

There are discrepancies with the number of bodies received and experts say that it could take months to complete the identification process. UK and Dutch officials are examining the data in the two black boxes and Dutch officials confirmed that they were able to successfully download the data and further investigations are carried out by UK air accident investigators.

The voice recordings and the flight’s position will be looked into to get an idea on what caused the crash. A rebel commander said that the city of Luhansk had a missile similar to the one doubted to have fired the shot and that Kiev didn’t have one.