With elections coming up during the weekend, Brazilian citizens have a tough choice to make between Aecio Neves and Dilma Rousseff as both of their reputations are stained by an undesirable background.

Brazilian elections; citizens to make a tough choice

Brazilian elections; citizens to make a tough choice

Rousseff, a former Marxist guerrilla was tortured in prison in the 1970s for trying to overthrow military dictatorship and Neves is a pro-business political aristocrat and has a playboy lifestyle that is very prominent and is standing for the candidacy only to fulfil his grandfather’s destiny who died before he was sworn in even though he was elected President.

While polls are showing equal support for both candidates, the only certain thing is that the next President will be from Minas Gerais. While minas Gerais is the wealthiest and the most populous regions, it doesn’t offer the beauty of Rio de Janeiro or tourist attractions of Amazonia. However, during the countdown for election on Sunday, the city is the prime focus of the campaign strategies and a lot of its history is being shared.

Both candidates were born in Belo Horizonte, which is the state capital and this is the only point they have in common. The candidates have different backgrounds. Neves spent his childhood in Sao Joao del Rei, a town where there was a boom in gold mining during the 18th century. His home is decorated with bougainvillea and is just opposite the central square.

An elderly neighbor Murilo Benevides said, “They’re very privileged, the richest family in town. We didn’t mix with them. They’re rich and we’re poor.” On the other hand, Rousseff is recalled as a familiar figure among activists who debated on vietnam war and fundraising parties. One of them said, “Dilma was better at debating than dancing, but she was not very good at public speaking. She wasn’t really a leader of the masses. She was more of an organizer.”