The rate at which venomous arachnids enter residential areas is alarming and a recent incident has made a family to have a traumatized experience after they found a deadly Brazilian Wandering Spider in the bunch of bananas delivered to them by the grocery retailer Waitrose.

Brazilian wandering spider found in bananas in the UK

Brazilian wandering spider found in bananas in the UK

When the family looked up the spider on the internet and found that it was highly venomous, they fled their house for the evening. The father managed to trap a leg using the fruit bowl, but the spider gnawed that leg and escaped. Later, the was also an egg sac discovered in the bananas with hundreds of eggs which could have given rise to hundreds of such venomous spiders.

The family called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and also the supermarket which delivered the bananas. At first both of them said that they do not have the right equipment to handle the situation, but the supermarket found a pest control company which sent a representative who was able to trap the spider in a box and put it in two more bigger boxes.

The egg sac was also found and stuck in the freezer to prevent it from hatching. A spokesperson for Waitrose said, “The safety of our customers is our absolute priority. We did everything we could to look after our customer during what was a distressing incident and we’ve apologised personally.”

Although this is highly unusual, we’re taking it very seriously and will be working with our supplier to minimise the risk of this happening again.”

The supermarket has given £150 worth of shopping vouchers to the family and also a free day out in compensation to the incident. This is not the first time spiders are finding their way into residential areas as several other incidents have been reported in the past.

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