While Scotland wants to be on its own and a separate country from the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron and Gordon Brown are trying to negotiate with Scotland and retain it in the UK.

Cameron and Brown make efforts to retain Scotland

Cameron and Brown make efforts to retain Scotland

Cameron and Brown have a period of 10 days to convince Scotland to stay with the UK and a poll taken recently revealed that Scotland is about to vote against staying with the UK. Cameron had a formal meeting with the Queen to discuss the matter at Balmoral after the YouGov poll revealed that Alex Salmond of Scotland is leading in his campaign for an independent Scotland.

As his campaigns are getting more popular, Cameron will in the course of this week engage in talks with the Scottish government to give it more power to make it stay as part of the UK. Brown will be trying to convince undecided voters to vote ‘No’ for the splitting up. Brown’s campaign will include Ed Miliband’s speech and notably, this is the first time Brown and Miliband are together in a campaign since the defeat in 2010 Labour’s election.

While the Yes campaign that supports the idea of splitting up is rated as 51 percent by the YouGov poll, the No campaign takes up 49 percent. As a result, the unionists are left with 10 days to get more crowds on their side to keep Scotland united with the UK.

It is also said that the Queen is horrified at the idea of Scotland separating from the UK, however, the elections will decide what will happen. If the Yes campaign has an effect on people, Scotland will be breaking a 308 year old union with UK when it separates from it. Cameron has assured the Queen that the UK government is doing everything it can to keep up the states united.