Cancer is one of the diseases that are mostly incurable which leaves patients in a helpless state. While some are able to make a full recover, it is considered a miracle when that happens. Unfortunately, not all are destined for such miracles, hence there is a need for better care for cancer sufferers.

Cancer campaigner Clive Stone gets support from Lawrence Dallaglio

Cancer campaigner Clive Stone gets support from Lawrence Dallaglio

Clive Stone, a cancer campaigner who is striving hard to get better healthcare facilities for cancer patients from the NHS in Britain has received support from rugby star Lawrence Dallaglio.

Aged 66, Stone revealed this week that his 34 brain tumors were removed. He met Dallaglio this week at London to discuss funding for patients suffering from the disease. Stone explained to him about how his brain tumors were removed using gamma knife surgery. He also mentioned that the Oxford on the NHS doesn’t have sufficient facilities to offer this surgery to patients requiring it.

Stone said that Dallaglio shook his hand and said, “thanks for coming and I appreciate your contribution” at the end of the meeting. Rugby player Dallaglio also supports the campaign and was inspired by his mother Eileen, who lost her life to the disease.

Stone said, “I’m over the moon that someone like Lawrence Dallaglio is with us — he is getting a lot of attention. It’s disappointing you can’t get gamma knife treatment in Oxford to remove brain tumours.”

He also added that the Prime Minister has helped such patients a lot by setting up a £200m fund for helping them buy Cancer drugs in 2010. Stone said that he will write to the Prime Minister about the radio therapy issue soon.

Stone has had 31 out of his 34 tumours removed using gamma knife surgery and he has paid up to £30,000 for these surgeries as the operational facilities were not available at the NHS.