As the day of the September 18 election the results of which will determine whether or not Scotland will stay as part of the UK or become an independent country, several celebrities have started taking sides and David Beckham is the latest celebrity to join the No campaign requesting the Scotts to stay.

David Beckham supports the No campaign

David Beckham supports the No campaign

“Let’s stay together”, said Beckham and asked the Scotts to keep UK together without breaking it and said that the bond between the countries in the UK has been an envy of the entire world. Beckham also added that he was “thrilled to watch us competing together against the world” at the Olympic games 2012.

The Let’s Stay Together campaign led by the UK government sent an open letter to the Scotts urging them to stay with the UK and the letter is signed by several celebrities. Beckham said that while he could not tell people what to do, he hopes that they would stay. He also added, that the achievement that gave him the most pride was being the captain for the UK team and playing for his country.

“I saw that same pride and passion in every Scottish player and fan whenever we played each other, it was a common bond that I have always related to and admired”, said Beckham. Beckham said that taking part in the Olympic Games representing the UK made him feel the same pride and passion. He also said the UK wants them to know how much the country values the relationship and friendship of Scotts.

“Of course regardless of your decision that will never change, however, my sincere hope is that you will vote to renew our historic bond which has been such a success over the centuries and the envy of the entire world”, said Beckham in conclusion.