UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced new anti-terrorism measures to stop UK born terrorists from causing damage.

He said during a speech to the MPs that it was ‘abhorrent’ that British citizens have alliances with Islamic state extremist groups. He also stressed on the need for new powers to seize the passports of the terrorist suspects. He added that the country’s inability to trace them down and stop them from returning to UK from countries like Iran is a ‘gap in the armoury’ of UK.

David Cameron announces new measures to fight terrorism

David Cameron announces new measures to fight terrorism

Cameron said that the powers to monitor the activities of the suspects need to be strengthened in order for the country to have an upper hand over the extremists. He also said that he would not rule out the participation in US’s measures to wage airstrikes against Islamic State Militants in Iraq.

The measures he announced includes that the legislation should be drawn up to offer statutory powers to the police to confiscate the passports of terrorist suspects at UK borders. Any court trying to question the powers of the police to do so will be challenged. Suspected UK born terrorists will be banned from entering the country based on cross-party agreement.

The measures also include conducting de-radicalisation programs for known terrorists. The investigation measures for suspects and terrorism prevention activities will be extended and suspects could be relocated when they see a need for it. Airlines will have to provide the government or any authorized official demanding for it, more information about passengers traveling to and from conflict zones.

While the home secretary has the power to confiscate passports of suspects already, the police require this power in order to stop terrorists from entering the country or escaping the country at their earliest and also do it with discretion.

“We will introduce specific and targeted legislation… providing the police with a temporary power to seize a passport at the border during which time they will be able to investigate the individual concerned,” said Cameron.