After an intervention by German chancellor Angela Merkel, British prime minister David Cameron has been forced to stop back from his plan to directly cap the number of EU migrants who enter the country.

David Cameron forced to retreat from EU migrant camp

David Cameron forced to retreat from EU migrant camp

Angela Merkel said that she wouldn’t tolerate anyone forcing incursion into the principle of free movement in and out of the country for workers. Her speech has disappointed the Eurosceptic backenchers of the prime minister however, business owners and leaders are happy about her speech. Cameron now has the responsibility of convincing 27 more governments to change their European Union treaties and also to enshrine the discrimination against European citizens who work in Britain.

The officials of Downing Street said that Cameron’s plan to avoid giving the in-work benefits to the EU migrants for four years would be negotiable but it would deter several people from moving to Britain. Cameron gave one of his important speeches for his premiership and he said that Britain would deny the social housing benefits that form part of the in-work benefits for EU migrants for almost four years and also that unemployed migrants will not be able to retain their visa for more than six weeks.

Cameron has made changes to his initial plan to offer an annual quota or an emergency brake in the last week. Merkel said, “The German government has in the past again and again underlined the significance of the principle of the free movement as it is anchored in the EU treaties. It is important that Cameron commits himself to this central pillar of the EU and the single market.”

She also said that Cameron needs to shift his political agenda from focusing on Europe to the country’s economy and added that focusing much on migration issues would gain more attention and support for Ukip rather than benefitting him.