Can you imagine dinosaurs walking the earth with humans? Well, Ken Ham, founder of the Creation Museum in the US has taken the curtains off a dinosaurs fossil, which he claims has lived with people.

Dinosaurs and humans might have co-existed

Dinosaurs and humans might have co-existed

The fossil is an Allosaurus and is named Ebenezer by the museum. It resembles a Tyrannosaurus Rex and is in the display at the museum. Ham was a science teacher who gained a lot of media attention after a TV show debate with a science educator Bill Nye. During the debate, Ham argued how the animals made it to Noah’s ark in biblical times while Nye argued how animals normally react to a flood.

Nye said that it is the natural tendency of animals to swim to a higher area where they can find firm ground and so they couldn’t have reached the ark. After the widely popular TV show, Ham developed an interest in exhibiting the creation aspect of the Bible and set up a museum in the US that displays fossils and other things that explain creation.

The museum believes that the Allosaurus died in a worldwide flood about 4,300 ago which is just about the time when the biblical flood must have happened. However, there has been no research carried out on the fossil and so scientists believe the facts claimed by Ham are not true.

Researchers claim that the last dinosaurus that walked the earth all died more than 60 million years ago and hence there is no proof that the Allosaurus fossil is just 4,300 years old.

Ham said in a statement, ‘Evolutionists use dinosaurs to reach children more than anything to promote their worldview.’

‘Our museum uses dinosaurs to help tell their true history according to the Bible.’

The Allosaurus fossil was donated to the museum by The Elizabeth Streb Peroutka Foundation which originally purchased it decades ago.