A few days after the Scots decided to be a part of the UK, a group of Labour MPs have gathered to discuss plans to start an English Labour Party to be a distinctive voice for England. While the Labour party is being discussed, their leader Ed Miliband is feared to have been manoeuvred by Prime Minister David Cameron into an anti-English position.

Ed Miliband concerns lead to a formal MP meeting

Ed Miliband concerns lead to a formal MP meeting

A few of the Labour MPs have voiced their ideas. Rochdale Labour MP Simon Danczuk said that he was surprised and disappointed as the leadership is slow in responding to the proposals for English votes and laws in the Commons. He said, “Why we couldn’t have had a good offer ready … just beggars belief in my opinion. If Ed Miliband doesn’t address it … [in his leader’s speech on Tuesday] then he’s got a real problem … then we are really on the back foot.”

The party has also tried to divert attention and contain the issue by giving a promise to conduct a convention next year; however, shadow cabinet ministers have managed to voice their concerns in a clear way to the media amidst struggles.

Former culture secretary Ben Bradshaw, former universities secretary John Denham, Croydon MP Steve Reed, etc were found among those who met to discuss the plans for English Labour group at Manchester town hall near the Labour conference centre.

Bradshaw said that the Labour leadership should be clearer about the problem that needs to be addressed quickly and when they realize it they will start discussing the solution. “But I haven’t heard clearly or loudly enough from the leadership that there is a problem that needs addressing. They’ve very good at talking about devolution, they’re very good at talking about powers to communities and local government.”