With almost 5.6 million subscribers in its portfolio, EE has announced today that it has become the largest 4G network in the UK.

EE becomes the largest European 4G network

EE becomes the largest European 4G network

Its latest earnings report for the third quarter had a lot of positive improvements in the business and the telecommunications giant disclosed that 1.4 million people have subscribed to its 4G plans in the third quarter alone, raising the total number of subscribers to 5.6 million which is also the company’s largest quarterly growth since its inception.

Having gained such a lot of subscribers, it has become the largest 4G operator in Europe and is expecting to receive at least six million subscribers by the end of this year. The company also has said that such a massive growth was possible only due to the interest shown by the people in the UK for 4G LTE connections.

Other statistics shared by the company reveal that nearly 82 percent of the new subscribers chose 4G monthly plans during the third quarter and a third of the new subscribers also chose the double speed 4GEE Extra. EE said that the boom in subscription makes it obvious that its 4G service is good and it also said that its own making EE Eagle 4G tablet also saw a huge rise in sales, stumping the growth of Apple iPad Air.

After the gain, EE has about 6,203 corporate accounts for its 4G business including popular companies such as MasterCard, Reading Council and Scotia Gas. Customers who have subscribed to EE’s 4G service through other mobile network operator deals like BT have increased by 3.8 million resulting in a 5.6 percent increase compared to the previous year.

On the other hand, there are also revenue fall by 1.2 percent which is attributed to the regulatory cuts.