The 13 year old Erraid Davies is yet another teen who has proved that physical disabilities do not have to keep one from their dreams. Davies, with a condition named Perthes’ disease is advised by doctors to not involve in weight-lifting activities and that the best sport for her would be swimming.

Erraid Davies wins bronze in Commonwealth for swimming

Erraid Davies wins bronze in Commonwealth for swimming

So she took to swimming and has never stopped since then, says her father David Davies. She swam 100m in one minute and 21.38 seconds, winning a bronze medal for Scotland. She was described as “so sweet” and having the biggest smile by the commentators.

What started out as an excited journey for Davies has ended even more exciting for the young star swimmer as she not only won a medal in the Commonwealth Games but also scored her second personal best on the same day.

A shocked Davies said “I am really happy to ha ve another PB. I got a medal and I am so happy. I am feeling really, really happy.”

Her father, during an interview, said that she is “amazing” as she never gave up training and that they were not able to see each other for almost four weeks as she had to train for the Commonwealth Games.

He added: “She swam her first mile before she was six. She’s been swimming ever since and she’s just got better and better.”

Her mother Joyce said, “We do have a lot of swimming pools [on Shetland] but they are very small – it shows it doesn’t make any difference. Joyce also said that swimming makes her daughter very happy and that it’s “too much hard work if you’re not loving it so I think her smile says everything.”

Davies’ current trainer is Lorraine Gifford who is the head coach at Delting Dolphins club in Brae.