As rumoured and happened back in April, Facebook has rolled out its new strategy of scrapping the chat function on its apps for iOS and Android which now requires users to download the messenger app in order to chat with their contacts.

Facebook app loses messaging function

Facebook app loses messaging function

This is not a surprise as Facebook announced its plan well ahead and even went on implementing it for the European users. Facebook for Mobile will take users directly to the messenger app without having to quit it when users tap on the messaging tab.

Counterparts from Europe have reported that it works smoothly and it doesn’t feel like there has been a change. While Facebook has been trying to develop its messaging platform into a strong service, it has also succeeded in the move as research has found that people have responded to the messages 20 percent faster than when messaging from the Facebook app.

Moreover, Facebook has also noticed that there has been a lot of activity in the messenger app than otherwise. People tend to send more pictures and share more when they message on the Messenger app. While the move is only for those who use the app on mobile phones and other mobile devices including tablets, desktop users still get to enjoy messaging through Facebook without having to navigate away.

In fact there’s no point in having to sever the chat experience from Facebook for desktop as users get enough screen space in order to enjoy chatting and scroll their news feed. Those using the Facebook on their mobile devices will soon start getting notifications that they will have to download the messenger app in order to continue enjoying the service and it will be rolled out in phases.

However, Facebook messenger may not get as popular as WhatsApp, according to analysts.