Apple’s wearable technology dubbed Apple Watch is one of the long awaited devices which was unveiled yesterday alongside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+, aimed as not only a technological advancement but also a fashion statement by the company.

Fashion world gives Apple Watch a mixed reception

Fashion world gives Apple Watch a mixed reception

The company hired some big names in the fashion world to design its watch and several people have worked on it in the past to make it a welcome among both the geeks and the fashion freaks. However, much to the astonishment, the watch does not appall all of them in the fashion world as some of them think the company could have done much more as far as design is concerned.

Debuting with a basic price tag of $339, the watch is said to have a masculine effect to its look, which according to fashion experts will fail to appeal to the female crowd which wants to wear it. However, there are also enthusiasts who are really pleased with the design. Taking a peek at the watch, it has a squarish design with rounded edges and a dial at the side, much like a classic watch. The screen can be set to display the time in numbers or the classic clock with hands according to user preferences.

The watch comes with leather and metal wrist bands and can be customized with a gold coating too should the buyer prefer. It would function as a normal watch, a health monitor and a device to notify the user of incoming emails, texts, Facebook messages and other notifications from connected services and apps.

The leather wrist bands will be available in different colors and users can choose their favorite color. Alexandra Shulman of British Vogue said that although the design is immaculate, “the issue is about how much people want to wear something so clearly, essentially an amazing gadget.”