Having been the boss for FIFA for four consecutive terms, Sepp Blatter has expressed interest in continuing his term for a fifth time.

FIFA boss Sepp Blatter to stand for a fifth term

FIFA boss Sepp Blatter to stand for a fifth term

He confirmed yesterday that he would stand in the upcoming world soccer elections in May 2015. He said that he has already announced to the executive committee that he would accept demands from associations and federations to continue being the in charge of soccer matches worldwide for a fifth mandate.

Blatter, 78, has been a FIFA leader since 1998 and has faced severe criticism from other Soccer leaders in the recent past. FIFA earns billions of dollars in world cup matches and has hit the headlines of late for the issues over venue selection for 2018 and 2022 matches. Blatter suggested and succeeded in opening an automatic re-election after UEFA leader Michel Platini announced that he will not challenge.

Blatter said that he was not running and is at the disposal of the federations and expressed that it is a service he wants to continue doing and also stressed that his fourth term is not yet over and it is yet to run its full course.

“I have been contacted, I have been asked, just before the (pre-World Cup) congress in Sao Paulo by five of the six confederations saying ‘please stay and be our president’ because, at the time at least, they say we have no other candidate”, he said. After winning his fourth term in 2011 he said that it would be his last term as in-charge of world soccer but changed his mind recently as the end of his term is nearing.

2015 election will be held on May 29 in Zurich and bids for candidacy will be open until January 29. The only other candidate having applied until now is Jerome Champagne.