Supermoons are interesting to watch as the size of the moon appears much bigger than what it usually is. People all over the world take interest in watching them as it doesn’t need special gear to watch and is prominent.

First supermoon expected this weekend

First supermoon expected this weekend

The first of the three supermoons expected this year will occur this weekend, says When the moon comes closer to the earth, it appears larger than normal and it becomes more notable when it is a full moon.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre Chief Scientist James Garvin said in a statement, “It is called a supermoon because this is a very noticeable alignment that, at first glance, would seem to have an effect. The ‘super’ in supermoon is really just the appearance of being closer.”

The people in the UK will be able to see this on July 12 midday and those on the west coast of the US will have to wait until early morning, i.e., 4 AM to view it.

Though the exact timing is not yet known, has said that it could come into view on July 11 or late tomorrow night.

“Technically speaking, the moon turns full at the instant that the moon lies most opposite the sun for the month,” says the new report by the team.

“Because the moon stays more or less opposite the sun throughout the night, watch for a full-looking moon in the east at dusk, highest in the sky around midnight and low in the west at dawn.”

It also says that the moon will be full moon for a few nights which is something unusual. The supermoon in August will be the biggest and closest supermoon expected this year, when the moon will be seen at a distance of  221,764 from the earth.

There is also another supermoon expected this September.