Spiders are evolving! May be a not-so-interesting news but they are evolving into fish-eaters. All these years, spiders are known and perceived as a species that weaves webs and lie in wait for the prey to get trapped in the web. However, latest research has revealed that more species of spiders are learning to catch fish.

Fish-Eating Spiders found across the world

Fish-Eating Spiders found across the world

They go to ponds and lie quietly until fish they size they can catch swim nearby and they jump in and grab the fish and drag to the shore and devour it. Previously, such spiders have been spotted in Africa, Australia and America however, these latest findings were made in Europe where spiders were not seen catching fish. Some of such spiders were also seen in England lately.

A team of Australian and Swiss researchers found that at least five of the major species of spiders don’t live entirely on insects and that they occasionally include fish in their diet. Even under laboratory conditions, three species of spiders were found to have fish-catching capabilities while these species when observed in the wild did not catch fish. Researchers say that such behavior may be more common among spiders than the general perception.

Researchers  have spotted at least a few species of fish eating spiders in every continent, with many of them living in the swamps of Southern USA and the jungles of Equador. Surprisingly, some of these varieties are also found in Scandinavia.

These spiders can also dive into water and grab fish if they don’t swim up to the shoreline and sometimes, they catch fish bigger than they are. After catching the fish, they inject a deadly poison and some varieties, a combination of different toxins to kill the fish and drag them to the shore and enjoy eating the fish for several hours.