Bullying is becoming more common lately and parents are in a position to help their kids face their bullies and stay cool. Several children become victims to bullying and the rate is increasing every year in spite of the several measures taken by schools and parents to stop bullying.

Five tips to help your bullied kid

Five tips to help your bullied kid

In addition to bullying at schools, kids also become victims to cyber bullying. In any case, let your children know that they can talk to you about it and you will be there for them whenever they need you. However, it is also important to encourage them to face the bullies by themselves as it will boost their confidence.

It is of course a scary world out there for your kids but you can’t keep them behind closed doors as they need to get ready to face the world and letting them make choices and learn to make healthy choices is important to you as a parent in helping them grow up. What can you do to prepare your child to face their bullies?

Discuss: It is important to discuss bullying and the various ways the bullies might try to dominate your kid. Talking about it takes away a lot of stress and your kids will also learn how to confront their bullies from you. When they know what to do, they will face their bullies more confidently. Also, it is the duty of a parent to boost the confidence of their kids. Praise them and appreciate them whenever they achieve something to help them stay confident.

Stay with friends: Bullies tend not to pick children who are with their friends. So, ask your child to always stay with his or her friend instead of going alone, whether to the library, in the school bus or locker room. It is always safe to stay with friends.
Learn their motives: Every bully would have a motive. If the bully is after a particular thing your kid has, ask your kid to share the thing with the bully if possible. If the thing cannot be shared, then think of ways to go to school without the thing. For instance, if the bully is after your kid’s gadgets, you could advise your kid not to take their gadgets to school.

Keep calm: Keeping calm is the best defense against bullies. Most bullies take pleasure in others’ pain and hence ask your child remain calm and ignore the insults or other remarks the bully may use to hurt your child. When your kid always ignores the bully, chances are he or she will stay off your kid.

Take initiative: Sometimes, when the bullying crosses limits, you could try talking to the parents of the bully or the homeroom teacher so that the possible reason for such behavior of the bully might be known and solved. This could help not only your child but also the bully.
Follow these tips to help your child face his/her bullies and enjoy their time at school.