Summer is a season when there is a lot of outdoor activity. Even those who make healthy choices may face problems if they do not follow proper food safety measures.

Food safety measures for summer

Food safety measures for summer

The common ways through which food infection spreads is unsafe handling of food. Micro organisms like virus and bacteria multiple several times faster in summer as the temperature is ideal for them. So, it is essential to not only choose the right types of food but also to store and cook it safely.

Foodborne illnesses are common in summers mainly due to the outdoor activities like barbecues when food is exposed to open air which carries a lot of germs and micro organisms that cause potential danger to health. Though it is an enjoyable activity, it doesn’t offer the safe environment and practices a kitchen provides.

One effective way to prevent diseases during summer is to buy whole fruits and vegetables. Several supermarkets and shops sell cut fruits and vegetables which might save you a few minutes of time but cause several kinds of illnesses. When fruits are cut and stored, there is a high chance of bacteria multiplying in it.

Especially when cut fruits are stored in plastic containers without refrigeration, it definitely multiplies the amount of bacteria very quickly as it produces the ideal temperature for micro organisms to multiply. Therefore, it is necessary to buy whole fruits and vegetables which can be cut at home and used right away.

Fruits can also be cut and stored in glass containers and refrigerated which will prevent food from spoiling. It is better not to use plastic containers as plastic contains bisphenol A which disrupts the hormonal constituency of food and makes it unhealthy.

It is also important to keep dishes, silverware, utensils, cutlery, etc clean in order to prevent food from spoiling. It will also help prevent cross-contamination.