The planet, just as you are reading this post is changing in a minute way and the change has become apparent in the recent years but with less change in the food system followed by its residents.

Food system should change with changes in the planet

Food system should change with changes in the planet

Scientists say that the food system of humans should change accordingly to keep up with the changes on the planet. There is a long list of environmental problems to be alarmed of, huge rise in health conditions to be researched on and then there is the biggest problem of unmet food demand.

The earth’s population is predicted to be 9 billion in 2050 and whether or not there will be enough food to feed the 9 billion mouths is a big mystery provided the current food reserves and practices to produce food. While millions of people are not able to afford a decent meal a day, there are billions of others not able to meet their daily nutrition needs though they are able to find food for sustenance.

A global food insecurity report has been published by the World Health Organisation, Food and Agriculture Organisation and the World Food Programme which highlights that although there is progress in meeting food needs of people in underdeveloped areas, 1 in 9 people suffer from hunger.

Also revealed is the shocking fact that 162 million children are affected every year due to malnutrition mostly in the developing and underdeveloped countries. Entire communities of people and villages are suffering from lack of food and nutritious food. Children who are not given proper food have trouble attending school and in their later years carry the same troubles into their adulthood.

The report also outlines the need to change the agricultural system to produce nutritious food and giving people access to food and more appropriately, nutritious food. The report also states the rate of deficiencies in different categories.