Campaigners say that fruit juice should be removed from the list of recommended five healthy food to eat daily as parents find it confusing.

Fruit juices to be cancelled from recommended everyday healthy diet

Fruit juices to be cancelled from recommended everyday healthy diet

Action on Sugar has found in its study that many of the fruit juices for children come in a carton much bigger than the recommended sizes and have a minimum of six teaspoons of sugar, which is more than what’s present in cola. The general health recommendation is to take a glass of approximately 150 ml of fruit juice every day without sweeteners. However, the juices that are bought for children have more sugar than is recommended.

Surprisingly, fruit squash and other juice drinks do not have such high amounts of sugar. Although taking smoothies which contain the pulp of fruits or vegetables recommended, the size of the service has to be taken care of as the dietary values really depend on the amount of fruit or vegetable used to make the smoothie. The organization also found the guidelines to be baffling.

Public Health England says that the advice of five a day food recommendation is beneficial as it reduces the risk of heart disease and also reduces the chances of developing cancer. Nutritionist Kawther Hashem said, “Parents do not always understand the difference between a juice drink and a fruit juice. And most cartons come in 200ml or more. Many parents are still buying fruit juices and juice drinks for their children thinking they are choosing healthy products; children should be given as little juice as possible.”

While juice can be beneficial if prepared from fresh fruit and consumed within a short time after making, most of the children drink packed juice with preservatives which is ineffective in giving them the health benefits expected of them. Government adviser Susan Jebb’s opinions about fruit juices mirror the same.