In his recent statement, Steven Gerrard has encouraged Balotelli to take up and face the challenge of leading the Liverpool team as Balotelli drowned hopes of fans by not scoring even a single Premier League goal since he moved to the team in a £16 million deal this summer.

Gerrard says Balotelli needs more time to prove himself

Gerrard says Balotelli needs more time to prove himself

Gerrard says that Balotelli is still getting used to the responsibility of leading the team and that it’s weighing heavy on Balotelli’s shoulders. He said, “With social media and the way the general media has gone there is so much criticism and opinion out there that if the No.9 weighed heavy 10 years ago it weighs even heavier now.”

He also said that in order to be a main striker at Liverpool one has to face pressure and embrace the responsibility. Gerrard also said that Liverpool fans have seen several quality forwards in the past years and so they expect that the new forwards will be of the same quality or superior and moreover, the forwards need to score girls consistently.

He also mentioned the other players he has played with including Fowler, Owen, Suarez, Torres, etc and said that they have been consistent with goals which is what has helped them to be celebrated players among fans. He said that Balotelli just needs time to get used to the responsibilities and score goals and prove himself to fans and the team and that he won’t judge his abilities until after ten games.

“To come in after Suarez was always going to be a big ask and he’s not feeling sorry for himself. He is working hard, doing extra shooting sessions. I’ve actually been impressed the way he goes about his work. You hear all kinds of stories and rumours before you meet him, but he does all the work. I like the guy”, he said.