Of late, there have been widespread campaigns about how gluten harms health and triggers certain illnesses. However, there is a lot to think about gluten which has been perceived, advertised and warned as almost a monster.

Gluten – Get your facts straight

Gluten – Get your facts straight

It’s true that several celiac patients are intolerant of gluten and should go completely gluten free. However, facts say that celiac is not a result of gluten intolerance alone. There could be several other reasons for it. Celiac disease is your body’s reaction to certain types of protein and gluten is one of them. While you may be allergic to gluten, your body may also be allergic to at least five other non-gluten proteins. While there’s still research to be done to this end, you might have to watch out for other types of proteins too if you have celiac.

Although the labels for gluten free products are now standardized, until recently there has not been any kind of labeling or standardization for gluten-free products. The most recent guidelines from FDA states that manufacturers can only allow less than 20 parts per million of gluten in their products in Canada and Europe. However, it still means that the products are not completely gluten free. Hence, it is understandable that going completely gluten-free is not required to calm your celiac.

People with celiac always look for gluten-free food, still, gluten-free fast food is also not safe for them. There are a lot of chances for cross contamination as food for those who prefer gluten-free food is also prepared in the same kitchen. Thus, it is highly risky to indulge in fast food even if you eat at popular fast food chains.

Junk food might be gluten free but still it is junk, so stay away from it as far as possible. Some products that are marked gluten free are not good for health, so you should shy away, stay away or do away with them. It might seem safe but, such food has the potential to not only trigger celiac but also create other trouble for you.

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