GigaOM has announced that Google might announce its Android TV later this month at Google I/O. It might be confusing as to how the already present Google TV and the to-debut Android TV differ. GigaOM has said that the Android TV is built with a simple interface like the other services popular already like Netflix, Hulu, and more.

It comes with a card-based interface to access content. Internally named as Pano, the design uses a front-and-center model to give access to the content instead of the traditional method of using apps.

Android TV

Android TV

“Content will be presented in a series of cards that can be browsed horizontally, and each movie or TV show episode has deep links into publisher’s apps, giving users the option to start playback right away”, writes GigaOM’s Janko Roettgers.

While it is expected that Pano will be tweaked a little, GigaOM’s announcement says that a similar interface will be demonstrated in Google I/O this month. There has been no information as to who will be Google’s hardware partners to manufacture the Android based TV.

The company has also said that it may not be pitched as a gaming platform for hardcore gamers but it would offer access to Android games with a tablet-like experience. The platform will be capable of running all Android apps to give users a complete Android experience.

Availability dates and the price still remain to be seen. It is expected that Android TV might hit shelves in a few months after the unveiling which is expected to be later in June as already said.

If you can’t wait to see what Pano might look like, you can refer Amazon’s Fire TV or The Verge’s report on card-based interface to get a glimpse or a vague idea of how it works.