Google Glass has been welcomed with mixed feelings. While some people were excited about the possibilities it could open, there are several critics who are skeptical of its privacy related issues.

However, the medical community has been very appreciative of the Glass so far. Several hospitals have adopted the Glass in various departments as it offers doctors the comfort of accessing patient records and sharing real-time information.

Google Glass gets its first health app

Google Glass gets its first health app

For the first time in the short history of the Glass, app developer Drchrono has released the first health for app which doctors can use to store patient information and footage of the medical and surgical procedures done.

Drchrono has said on its website, “From the very beginning, Drchrono has set out to pioneer the latest and greatest technology for healthcare providers. Our vision of making providers more mobile began with the announcement of the iPad in 2010, which eventually led to us creating the best mobile EHR on the market. Since then, we’ve been striving to push the envelope with new technologies to optimise your ability to provide the best care available.”

The app will display the patient’s vitals without having to perform the tests which can greatly reduce the time required to treat patients which will in turn result in faster and better treatments. There are some privacy issues in such use of Glass too as the patients may not appreciate the fact that doctors have all the information regarding them without their knowledge.

podiatrist Dr Bill J Metaxas said that doctors should first get their patients’ permission to use the Glass during treatment. When patients were previously asked if they would like their physicians use the Glass, 99 percent of the patients consented for it. Doctors are also used to keep the security settings on the Glass intact as there are wider chances of patient information leaking.