Google, as its peers do, has published its transparency report which shows the number and nature of government requests for user information it has received in the past year.

Google publishes its transparency report

Google publishes its transparency report

It is conventional for internet giants to publish their annual transparency reports which discuss the number of government requests they have received to furnish user information. The report from Google is for the six month period from January to June 2014. The numbers indicate that the number of requests made by the government has increased by 150 percent compared to the number in 2009.

Also, compared to the latter half of the past year, the requests have increased by 15 percent. While these numbers are for the UK based operations, the American government has sent 250 percent more requests demanding to know user information compared to the numbers in 2009 and the corresponding increase of the 15 percent increase is an increase of 19 percent this year so far.

These numbers do not include the requests from FISA and NSL. Legal Director of Law Enforcement and Information Security for Google Richard Salgado wrote in a blog post, “This increase in government demands comes against a backdrop of ongoing revelations about government surveillance programs. Despite these revelations, we have seen some countries expand their surveillance authorities in an attempt to reach service providers outside their borders.”

He also said that the US department of justice has seen with the help of other countries’ efforts the need for such a law and there is a lot of work in this regard to be done by the government. He added that the government has more than anyone more responsibility and right to keep the nation crime free which is why they need to have the right to information on anyone and have more surveillance powers.