Gordon Brown in a desperate move to get people vote ‘No’ in the elections today has delivered a speech of the referendum campaign during which he urged people to confidently say No to split up Scotland from the UK.

Gordon Brown uproar against Alex Salmond

Gordon Brown uproar against Alex Salmond

He said that Scotland does not belong to Alex Salmond or any other politician and that it belongs to all of the UK. Surprisingly, he did not use any notes while he delivered his speech and he supported the union saying “What we created together, let no nationalist split asunder”.

The speech was so passionate that it led many among the audience to think that Brown must have led the campaign from the beginning but it is not yet known why he didn’t. The venue chosen was located in Glasgow and he shared the stage with former Chancellor Alistair Darling who is now leading the Better Together Campaign, Scottish leaders from the Labour party, Liberal party democrats and Conservatives.

He said during the speech, “Tell the Nationalists, it’s not their flag, their culture, their country or their streets. Tell them it’s everyone’s flag, everyone’s culture, everyone’s country and everyone’s streets. And tell them that our patriotic vision is bigger than nationalism; we want Scotland not leaving the UK, but leading the UK, and through leading the UK, leading in the world”.

While the No campaign supporter Brown delivered a furious speech, Alistair darling’s speech made a more discreet request to the people of Scotland to vote no. Campaigns aside, the poll predictions by YouGov survey has shown that 60 percent of the people thought Mr Darling did not perform as good as Brown who asked voters who have not yet decided on their side to reject the risks of independence.

Brown also highlighted on what things the countries have achieved by standing together and what they will lose if they do not continue to do so.