When the world is looking at a long list of problems to solve and its occupants busy making themselves fitter to survive the ‘survival of the fittest’ race, a threatening problem is smiling down at them which is increasing in severity by the hour.

Greenhouse gases are the highest ever

Greenhouse gases are the highest ever

The World Meteorological Organization’s Greenhouse Gas Bulletin published yearly has a report discussing the issue stating that 2013 had a record high triggered by a sudden increase in the level of Carbon di oxide.

To back the fact, Global Atmospheric Program conducted by the WMO has also said that the ratio has increased from three parts per million in 2012 to twice the amount in 2013 which is the highest increase in several decades. Oksana Tarasova, Chief of the WMO said, “The changes we’re seeing are really drastic. We are seeing the growth rate rising exponentially.”

The report is based on the findings from the observations of nearly 125 monitoring stations and these are really threatening as they might indicate that the natural buffers such as the oceans and flora of earth might be hugely affected as they absorb most of the cabon emissions made by humans. As a result, the oceans have become acidic and the rate has increased more than it has ever been in the past 300,000 years.

However, the rise in greenhouse gas levels has not impacted the temperature a lot, however, global temperatures has risen widely. The temperature might increase rapidly over the next 50 years and another article published in the Science magazine last month says that in another 10 years the temperature will begin to rise gradually as a result of the cycle of ocean currents that have been mitigating the heat. After the period of ten years, the temperature is expected to rise steadily.