British foreign secretary Philip Hammond said that the UK is considering every option to protect the British journalist held hostage by Isis.

The country is deliberating several options it has to rescue the hostage and after a Cobra meeting with the UK Prime Minister, he spoke to the media. He said that the government is considering the various options it has in the matter and might even conduct an air strike if necessary. However, an air strike is not imminent and that if it finds that it could help in rescuing the hostage by any means, it will be held.

Hammond says UK will consider every option to save Isis-held British hostage

Hammond says UK will consider every option to save Isis-held British hostage

He also pointed to the unsuccessful attempt by the US to rescue one of its hostages Steven Sotloff, an American Journalist. “You are aware of course of the rescue attempt that took place some time ago, unfortunately unsuccessfully”, said Hammond. “You wouldn’t expect me to discuss the various options we will be considering, but I can assure you we will look at every possible option to protect this person.”

While the US tried to rescue the hostages in a surprise night raid, the attempt failed and they lost James Foley. Sources remain tight lipped about whether or not there are British soldiers held hostages by Isis. Hammond said that an airstrike might not make any difference in the strategies planned by the country.

He also said that the UK government will support the legal government in Iran and Kurdistan to stop Isis from causing damage to people’s lives and save the civilians. While the US has launched air strikes before in northern Iraq, Britain has not yet launched an air strike against Isis.

If we judge that air strikes could be beneficial, could be the best way to do that, then we will certainly consider them but we have made no decision to do so at the moment”, said Hammond.