While people are on an endless quest to find the most effective way to reduce weight and have control over obesity, the never changing fact is that physical exercise is the best.

What is the ideal period of physical exercise?

What is the ideal period of physical exercise?

While dieting helps reduce weight to a certain extent, healthy weight loss can be achieved only when there is physical exercise involved. A yet to be published study conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine has concluded that physical exercise is always the better of the two when it comes to weight loss.

While people are embracing the idea of physical exercise, it mostly leaves them in confusion as to how much of working out would be ideal to lose weight. The ideal amount of exercise agreed on by institutions worldwide is a moderate workout of 15 to 30 minutes five days per week.

The study included almost tens of thousands of Americans who were examined for a period of over 22 years. The result of the study is that moderate or rigorous physical activity effectively helps in weight loss. While a work out of 150 minutes per week is considered moderate, rigorous exercises should be done not more than 75 minutes per week in order to lose weight healthily.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of America says that more than one third of the adult population in the country is obese. More than three major causes of death, cardiovascular problems, increased mortality and cancer are all caused commonly by obesity and hence comes the need to keep it under control.

While physical exercise is considered important, vigorous exercise is not at all necessary to maintain a healthy weight. Moderate exercise done regularly will do all the good needed for a healthy life. Just a brisk walk of 15t to 30 minutes on five days in a week will do a world of good.