The rising trend in the personal product arena is including micro beads in products such as scrubs, body washes, face washes, tooth pastes, etc. These products are promoted saying that the presence of these beads gives users a thorough cleaning which helps them maintain their skin and teeth cleaner than otherwise.

Illinois decides to wipe out micro beads by 2019

Illinois decides to wipe out micro beads by 2019

However, these micro beads have become life-threatening to sea creatures. They have now entered water bodies like lakes, rivers, and even oceans. The water treatment plants are unable to treat them as they don’t dissolve in water and are too small to filter. So they escape even some of the best filtration methods and make their way into the oceans. These beads are nothing but plastic particles and fish and other sea creatures perceive them as food and eat them.

As these micro beads have the quality of absorbing toxins such as pollutants and oil. When sea creatures eat these micro beads which are full of pollutants and oil, they choke to death. It was found that an average of 330, 000 is added to a bottle of facial scrub. A study conducted in 2013 by 5 Gyres Institute revealed that at least 1.1 million of these beads are found per square kilometer in the Great Lakes.

This revelation alarmed the authorities of the area and Illinois has passed a legislation that these dangerous micro beads should be completely wiped out by 2019. New York and California have also joined Illinois and taken activities to completely stop the use of micro beads in personal care products.

Following them, popular brands such as Proctor and Gamble, Colgate, Palmolive and Unilever have stopped using micro beads in their products. When humans and other animals consume the creatures that die due to toxicity by micro beads, they are also prone to catching infections and getting health issues due to it.