While Ebola is wreaking havoc in West Africa and a few other countries, the rest of the world is preparing to monitor its people for symptoms to stop an outbreak before it begins. India is also equally worried about the possible contraction of the virus from those infected and flying into India.

India prepares to resist Ebola

India prepares to resist Ebola

The country’s media is discussing the issue raising awareness among people and the government is on high alert to fight the deadly virus in case someone infected flies in. India has taken measures to monitor those who arrive from other countries for possible infection. The international airports have facilities installed for surveillance.

The Indian government has also set up a helpline using which people can get information about the deadly virus and get educated on how to report or take precaution on the event of developing a symptom of infection. Indian media firms have expressed concern that the Indian nationals living in the countries where there is a wide outbreak returning to India might carry the virus hence infecting the others in the country.

“India has its task cut out as nearly 5,000 Indians who live in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone and about 40,000 in Nigeria may return here,” says the Hindu. ”

The union health minister has held out the assurance that the ministry has put into operation the most advanced surveillance and tracking systems”.

A 25 year old man was admitted to a hospital in Chennai after noticing symptoms of Ebola infection; however, after examining samples he was discharged as doctors found his vitals to be normal. He arrived at the Chennai airport from Guinea where the infections started initially. The media is also working toward educating the masses about the infection as many seem to believe that it might spread through air.