With food prices skyrocketing, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is opening a food park in Tumkur in Karnataka today. The facility spreads over an area of 110 acres with a storage capacity of 22,000 tonnes of food products.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to open Food Park in Karnataka

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to open Food Park in Karnataka

The project is a joint effort of 30 food processing companies which will source ingredients from local farmers and process them into packed food products to be sold at the food park. The farmers have faced serious losses due to shortage in rainfall and unable to fetch a good price for the produce in the market.

And, the produce, when reaching the final consumer gets even pricier due to the interference of middlemen who slap their own price tags on the products. By this system, the interference of middle men will be eliminated and farmers can directly sell to the food park and get a good price for their produce.

The venture is said to have opened up nearly 4,000 jobs and the facility itself is expected to be fully operational by December 2014 and in the next year it is expected to be a full-fledged operational facility. The required food grains and farm produce will be sourced from farmers in the Kolar, Shimoga and Tumkur areas and these areas have a rich growth of oilseeds, vegetables, millets and fruits.

The food processing companies will function from the area and will work through a single window system. Praveen Dwivedi, CEO of the India Food Park of Future Group said, “Packaged foods have become part of daily meal but only 2 to 3 per cent of our country’s produce is processed. The time has come now for such a park with state-of-the-art infrastructure”.

The food park will set up several collection centers where farmers will be able to sell their produce.