The much awaited big launch of Apple is over and users now have an idea of what the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus would bring although many were very upset about not being able to preorder the phones so they could get their hands on it as soon as possible. However, the next version of Apple’s OS, iOS 8 has reached customers even before the phones.

iOS 8 hits devices before the iPhone 6 reaches users

iOS 8 hits devices before the iPhone 6 reaches users

Apple has promised that the experience on iOS8 will be incredible as there are new features and applications for both iPhone and iPad users. Looking at what difference iOS 8 will make, it has got quite some features that will make it more desirable.

The messaging UI has become WhatsApp styled and the speech to text transcription tool has become realtime. It also comes with HealthKit letting users share their biological data observed by the app with their healthcare providers.

Apple has defined the release of the phones and iWatch as the biggest release since the App Store was launched and said that the apps that iOS 8 brings will give users an incredible experience.

There is also a Handoff feature which lets users start a project on one device and continue the same on a different connected device. Although it comes with a bunch of new features, the design looks more or less the same as iOS 7 with just a few changes that are easily negligible.

The Quicktype keyboard that comes with the iOS 8 lets users just swipe a path on the keyboard instead of having to tap on each letter to type a message. Users can also install third party apps like the Swype to have their own way of using the keyboard.

The new version of OS can be downloaded by choosing the Software Update option on the General categories in the Settings app.