All eyes in the tech town are set on Apple’s next generation smartphone iPhone 6 as the expected release date is nearing.

Rumors on the specs of the device keep surfacing every now and then and the latest is the automatic unlocking of the phone. The rumor is based on a patent that Cupertino has filed with the USPTO. The patent describes a feature that could possibly show up in its next smartphone, i.e., iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 to pack automatic unlocking

iPhone 6 to pack automatic unlocking

The feature lets the phone detect the network to which it is connected and the security barriers will come into place only when it is connected to an unknown network, while it won’t require the user to enter the passcode or other security measures when it is connected to an unknown network.

However, it will not be like the user never has to enter a passcode for unlocking the device as it may expose the device to potential danger when it connects to an unknown network. The user may be able to set certain networks like work, home, etc as their frequently used networks which have proper security tools in place and would not pose a threat to the device or the information stored in it. When connected to these networks, the feature requiring the user to enter passcodes and passwords will automatically unlock the device.

The patent is named Location- Sensitive Security Levels And Setting Profiles Based on Detected Location”. Notably, this is not something totally new as Google has already discussed such a feature at the Google I/O this year. Apple is planning something similar along the same lines.

Apple’s patent description reads, “If the available aspects match the previously defined location context, device behavior, configurations, or settings on a mobile device can be modified.”

The device will use GPS or Wi-Fi to determine the location and pull the required security measures in place as needed.