Obesity is the most common problem especially among the young generation. Despite several measures to lose weight, many are finding it difficult due to life style reasons and several other unavoidable reasons.

Ireland tops list of most obese people

Ireland tops list of most obese people

A recent study indicated that the Irish are the most obese in Western Europe. About 22 percent of the Irish women and young girls are obese pushing Ireland to the fifth country with the most number of obese people. Women comprise about 50.9 percent of the country’s total population and about half of them are obese, making Ireland the eight most obese country in the whole continent.

While it is the case with women, men are even more obese. About 26.6 percent of the young men were identified as obese, again an eighth position in the continent. About 64.4 percent of adult men were also found to be having overweight problems, which makes Ireland the 6th country with the highest number of adult males with overweight complaints.

In the gender aspect, Ireland becomes the sixth for men and eighth for women with overweight issues. When considered from the aspect of young people, it becomes the 15th for young men and 12th for young women. The numbers have alarmingly increased from 857 million in 1980 to 2.1 billion in 2013.

There are also other regions considered for the study and the results indicate that in Tonga, more than half of the men are obese while more than half of the total women population in Kuwait, Qatar, Libya and some Pacific Islands.

The study also included UK and has stated that the country can bring down obesity levels to what it was in 1980 if the consumption rate is reduced by 8 percent which would cost a loss of €10.7 billion per year for the food industry in the country.