British journalist John Cantlie is held hostage by ISIS and has now appeared in a propaganda video reportedly sent from Kobane, a Kurdish city under the control of ISIL jihadists. He has appeared not in one but five propaganda videos representing the ISIL.

Journalist John Cantlie appears in a propaganda video

Journalist John Cantlie appears in a propaganda video

In the videos, he shown sitting at a desk and wearing the orange jumpsuit that the other prisoners are seen wearing in the videos of them being beheaded. In the latest video, he is wearing a black suit and the video, surprisingly, is like a regular television report wherein the reporter describes the happenings at the scene.

Cantile points to the Syrian-Turkish border in his background and claims that the Kurdish fighters who are trying to protect the city are taking more control and winning over Isil gradually. He also said that the city is in control of the south and east areas and the Kurdish defenders are slowly “mopping up” the other areas too, street by street. He was kidnapped along with James Foley on 12th November 2012 in north- west Syria.

Foley was the first hostage to be beheaded in a cruel way with the threat to behead more people if the countries do not stop the airstrikes. Although captured, him appearing to be free and allowed to report to the media about the happenings around him has led to perceptions that he is freed for a short while only to do something different with him later. He also wrote for an online jihad magazine last week saying that the first set of eight videos were shot very quickly and the new video was filmed recently.

The videos show the events that happened in the past few days were described. His appearance had changed a lot in the videos with a shaven mustache in the style of purist muslims.