Why Katappa Killed Bahubali, After successful hit of the Bahubali movie at box office, movie director prabha’s playing role as bahubali had revealed the glimpse of bahubali 2. At the successful record at box office, rumored is viral that bahubali-2 will be releasing in mid year 2016. Bhalladeva and Amarendra Bahubali are cousins. They both love Anushka (Devasena). Bhallaladeva mother is Ramyakrishna. Bahubali marries Anushka. Ramya Krishna hates their love story.  Sivagami sends Bahubali and Devasena out from the Mahishmathi kingdom.

Why Katappa Killed Bahubali

One day, Kalakeya sibling declares war against Mahishmathi kingdom. Bahubali knows about this threat. He goes to the Mahishmathi Kingdom and battles against Kalakeya sibling and spares Mahishmathi from the adversary bunch.

Bhalladeva and Bijjala Deva (Nazar) executes Bahubali. Ramya Krishna acknowledges and adores Bahubali and Devasena. She needs to spare Devasena child Shivudu.

Why Katappa Killed Bahubali?

Later Shivud knows how his dad bites the dust. He takes revenge against Bhalaldeva and Bijjala deva and slaughters them. He spares Devasena, his mom. Then Bhallaladeva begins tormenting & torching individuals due to desire and jealousy. Kalakeya’s sibling attacks on Mahishmathi kingdom. Also, Bahubali faculties assault and spares Mahishmathi kingdom from going into Charandeep’s hands. Both Bhallaladeva, Bijjaladeva slaughter Bahubali and at exactly that point Ramyakrishna creates Friendship for Bahubali and spares Bahubali’s child Shivudu (Prabhas) from Rana, Nazar. He will be raised far from the kingdom. He comes to think about his folks and takes revenge on Bhallaladeva and Bijjaladeva. With this, the flashback scene finishes. So, Shivudu (Prabhas) alongside Avanthika (Tamanna) battles with Bhallala Deva lastly, they slaughter him and Shivudu picks up his kingdom. With this, second part additionally finishes.

This ought to be taken as gossip round up and we know no source near the film will affirm or verify this….