Yes, plants talk and you may be able to hear it soon. It’s not a new skill or ability the humans are developing as a result of evolution; it is what a team of scientists are trying to figure out with intensive research.

Do you know what the plants are talking?

Do you know what the plants are talking?

Plants have their own language and they communicate masses of data to other plants and the environment. Such information could be exceptionally helpful to humans if we can decode their language and tap into their conversations. A European study project in Florence has this as their main objective – to develop a system which will decode the language of plants and translate it to human language.

The first phase of the project includes analyzing Cyborg plants’ electrical communications digitally. After the analysis, the stimuli or the factor that stimulated the plants to communication will be analyzed. Upon finding the stimuli for the various types of communication, a database will be created and an algorithm will also be built which will help decode what the plants are talking and when. The analog signals should also be listened to convert the data into digital output which humans can understand.

Stefano Mancuso, a biologist and a significant researcher in this project said, “It‘s a real vocabulary – each electrical message corresponds to to a specific environmental parameter. If we can break the code, we will have a Rosetta Stone for plants, which will tell us what plants are sensing.”

When this is established each plant and tree will become an informer, communicating information about what is happening in the environment. There are limitless possibilities ranging from getting early information about natural disasters to security in premises. The human kind will be able to tap into a wealth of information which can in turn improve the healthcare and environmental care measures the world is currently struggling with.