Lionel Messi, celebrated for his Forward shots, displayed his fine skills this Sunday, scoring for Argentina.

His goals left the 74,738 present awestruck, adding more accolades to his talent. He took control of the field right from the beginning. He scored the first couple of goals for the team and notably, this is the second goal he scored in World Cup events.

Lionel Messi in action – talent personified

Lionel Messi in action – talent personified

After 65 minutes of intense efforts, he sprung from the right steering the ball from Muhamed Besic and exchanging goals with Gonzalo Higuain, leaving Besic and Ermin Bicakcic in a tangle as he sprung from another direction to defend the ball, shooting it and scoring his second goal.

The match was as intense as the previous matches in the series with some serious counter attacks similar to those exhibited by Neymar for Brazil and Arjen Robben did Holland. Being a highly team oriented game, Messi’s performance clearly outlined his personal skills that improved the team’s scores.

Messi fans kept chanting, “olé, olé, olé, olé, Messi, Messi” throughout the match. Several of them  had arrived at Maracana well ahead of the weekend in their campervans painted blue and white symbolically supporting their team and spread across the beach, chilling out at bars before the match.

Cameras clicked every move of the football genius besides videos continuously taken right from the moment he emerged from the dressing room. The Bosnia-Herzegovina team had a serious look and their critical attention on the game to strategically plan counter attacks instantaneously was evident throughout the game.

With Argentina trying to pass the ball to Messi and Bosnia-Herzegovina team trying to use several tactics to defend, the event turned out to be great. With sincere efforts, Bosnia managed to score a goal at last but still Messi and his team were amazing defenders that further scoring became impossible for Bosnia.


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