Security firm F-Secure in an attempt to evaluate people’s awareness on security set up a free Wi-Fi hotspot offering free internet in the Canary Wharf area for those who are willing to agree to a Herod Clause wherein they will be able to access the internet for free for the rest of their lives but will have to give their first-born child away.

Londoners are ready to give away their first-born for free internet

Londoners are ready to give away their first-born for free internet

Thirty three people tried to connect to the hotspot in the first half an hour and six of them said that they are ready to “render up their eldest child for the duration of eternity” exposing how unwitting they are about internet security. Although the company will not enforce the agreement and demand the parents to give their first-borns, this has shown their utter disregard for security.

The network is currently disabled and using the information in the hotspot, the firm was able to get the devices’ user names and passwords in addition to other information such as call details, emails, devices identification details, etc. Sean Sullivan, F- Secure’s security advisor said, “Free, open Wi-Fi is unsecure. It wasn’t designed for the 21st Century and it’s leaking information about us to people that we don’t have any knowledge of an they’re collecting data on us that we’re not consenting to.”

F-Secure has published the report on the experiment titled “Tainted love” How wi-fi betrays us” and the report was also endorsed by the Information Commissioner’s Office which said they have found a reckless attitude towards security among people who access the internet on smartphones.

Europol’s assistant director Troels Oerting said that criminals exploit people’s craze for free internet and plant bugs on hotspots offering internet access for free and the organization has found that many of the hot spots are poor in security.