A flight carrying about 295 passengers from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in East Ukraine which is a declared war zone.

Malaysian flight downed in Ukraine war zone

Malaysian flight downed in Ukraine war zone

The remains of the Malaysia Airlines flight are lying the Grabovo, a rebel-held territory which is also close to Russian border. While Ukrainian and Russian forces blame each other for the incident, the rest of the world has doubts that it could be an attack from Russia mistaking the flight for one of Ukraine’s.

However, there has been no evidence found so far as to why the crash happened. This is the second crash for Malaysia Airlines in this year. During the first incident, a flight disappeared on its way to China in March this year and the whereabouts are still a mystery.

Malaysia Airlines official Huib Gorter said that the company is trying to identify passengers of the MH17. So far, the airlines has identified 154 Dutch nationals, 23 Malaysians, 11 Indonesians, and 27 Australians. The 15 members of the crew were Malaysians. Other Airlines in the country have announced that they are avoiding the Ukraine route and find other options.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak expressed his condolences and said that he has launched an inquiry into the incident. “This is a tragic day in what has already been a tragic year for Malaysia,” he said.

“I was working in the field on my tractor when I heard the sound of a plane and then a bang and shots,” a witness noted. “Then I saw the plane hit the ground and break in two. There was thick black smoke.”

Russian Air Traffic controllers’ union said that the airspace remained open during the incident and that very powerful missiles should have been used to bring it down from a height of 10,000 meters.