According to Dutch investigators who are conducting a detailed, in-depth investigation of the downing of the Malaysian Airlines flight M17 in the eastern Ukraine area held by the rebels, the flight was attacked from outside by high-energy objects.

Malaysian jet attacked from outside, say Dutch investigators

Malaysian jet attacked from outside, say Dutch investigators

The investigations has revealed that no operational or technical defects in the flight or pilot error caused the crash as the voices recorded by the black box do not reveal any such conversation among the crew. The officials further added that the high-energy object was capable of detonating itself before it hits the target thereby spewing sharp metal particles on the flight that pierced through the metal body of the flight and causing it to crash.

The metal objects hit the cockpit and the front fuselage of the flight before the crash happened, reported the officials from the Dutch Safety Board. The evidence gathered so far suggest that the object was fired from eastern Ukraine. Further evidence and witnesses among civilians and one Russian rebel say that there were missiles transported from Russia into the country.

Although the officials were able to investigate and reach at a possible cause of the attack, there is no trace of the object that hit the flight leaving the report as a theoretical conclusion without a strong evidence backing it.

Before the flight was found missing, the Russian personnel tracking it from the ground station found that the flight crewmen are not responding to his queries and so he contacted the ground station at Ukraine who said that the flight was nowhere to be found and thus they found that it has disappeared before anybody finding about it.

It is also said that the flight crashed and parts of it fell over a large area of the Ukrainian territory. The preliminary report has been submitted by the officials and a final report could be expected in the near future.